What is Remote Worker Leasing?

In remote worker leasing, we take care of the Recruitment, Payroll and HR Management to ensure that our leased staff delivered the best quality of work for our client.

By leasing a remote worker, small business owners will save 87% monthly overall operational cost.

Our Remote Workers(Bachelor’s/Masters Degree Holders) allow you to get the professional and focused staff you want and need.

Leasing a Remote Worker from us

98% of all new businesses leased Remote Workers, here’s why:

Save up to 87% on Your Monthly Labor Cost. You can lease our remote worker for full-time or part-time. Taxes, Insurance, and Benefits are not applicable.

Fast and Convenient Set up. We only have 7 easy steps to partner with us. Click here

Increase Productivity. Remote workers are paid per hour. We ensure to have an arrangement based on productive hour ensures the businessowner gets what they pays for.

Bachelor’s and Masters Degree Holders. Most of our remote workers are Bachelors and Masters Degree Holder, starting rate at $8/hr.

Hiring additional staff locally can be too costly, especially for a start-up.

The salary, training cost, infrastructure, office, insurance, taxes, and retirement may add up to huge expenses. 

This is why the concept of a Remote Worker was brought as a more innovative and cost-effective alternative.


Leasing Remote Workers is the best option for small businesses.

We provide productivity monitoring tool. Taxes, Insurance, and Benefits do not apply to remote workers’ wages.

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