Hiring additional staff locally can be too costly, especially for a start-up. The salary, training cost, infrastructure, office, insurance, taxes, and retirement may add up to huge expenses. This is why the concept of a remote worker was brought as a more innovative and cost-effective alternative.

Zen4 Remote Workers provides you with all the services a local worker can perform that doesn’t require their physical presence without the cost and hassle of hiring a local. We have a team of remote workers trained to carry out a wide range of activities to facilitate your business process and personal duties.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you, our client, with a results-driven solution based on your goals and challenges. 

We accomplish this by helping clients select the most appropriate services we offer to meet and exceed expectations.

To deliver and exceed our client goals and objectives, we partner with our client in the hiring process to find the best fit for their unique needs.  We provide the rest.  Activity tracking including random screenshots during work time, listing of urls visited, time tracking and more.  All candidates are tested fore language skills, internet access speed and other skills as needed.

Our Vision

To become the first-class yet affordable Remote Workers provider for individuals and companies large and small businesses. 

To provide a program that is tailor-fitted to the company’s goals to increase productivity and positively impact additional revenue opportunities. It is helping businesses to level up by providing an array of professional services and well-trained, experienced remote workers.

Our Company

Zen4 Remote Workers are available to clients and companies worldwide.

  • Integrated Remote Workers across the World.
  • Our Qualified Professionals in the Philippines make Off Shore Easy!
  • Honed with years of online client satisfaction experience
  • All workers are tested for language skill levels both spoken and written.