Here are 7 easy steps to partner with us:


Schedule an informative 30-minute call and let us know exactly what you’re looking for and the goals you want to achieve. Be prepared with any questions you may have. We are 100% transparent about the process.


An easy-to-understand contract will be sent to you to review based on that call. There you’ll get in writing the pricing and the following steps to get started.


If you agree to the terms in the contract, put your electronic signature on it, and then an invoice will then be sent to you for the initial deposit (You will be billed the $250 setup fee when you sign the contract and your first 2-week payroll when your remote worker starts work.).


Once we receive the initial deposit and the contract is signed, our expert recruitment team begins matching the suitable agents based on your specific requirements.


A PDF containing the compiled profiles, along with aptitude test scores and experience, will be sent for you to examine.


Schedule an interview with your candidates and choose the best fit for your company, brand, and culture.


Once you choose remote workers, we set a start date. All communication channels can then be set up for real-time contact (Slack or email).

You’ll be assigned an account manager who will support you and your remote worker.